Katharine Johnston

Johnston Course Design

“If you don’t want to be a principal- where do teachers go to be promoted?” That question is something that always puzzled Katharine and after several years as an elementary school teacher, Katharine wonder what the next evolution of her career. Would she take the traditional route of school administration or try something new? It was in the pursuit of answer, that she was introduced the field of instructional design; a blend of systems thinking, project management, and good old fashion teaching. That introduction to the field determined her path. Katharine obtained a certificate in instructional design complementing her master’s in Educational Leadership. During her time in studies, Katharine wrote her first book Stories from Strongsville, which lead to needing a writing mentor, someone that could help her with the publishing process. Enter John Klymshyn who served as her book mentor. Those mentoring sessions organically developed into The Ultimate Sales Manager’s Guide Online Mini-Course and later the courses home, The Klymshyn Method. Katharine looks forward to bringing the power of instructional design to a new audience.

Douglas Hall

Advocate Associates

An unabashed, unfiltered and brutally honest lover of new ideas, methods and products, Douglas Hall is continually challenging himself and others to push the limits of what is, not only possible but, conceivable. From his early history in nightlife promotions, his time in loan origination and automotive reinsurance sales, to his executive roles in live entertainment and new media start-ups; Doug has found a distinct narrative thread that connects these experiences and delivers a unique perspective from the sales floor to the boardroom. Not willing to hide his special brand of "crazy", Hall makes his idiosyncrasies his attributes while on a constant quest of personal and professional evolution. This quest includes his desire to be an efficient and connected servant who inspires and mentors others to win on their own. All of this with one simple goal in mind, an epitaph that reads: "Left It Better Than He Found It."

Issac Naor

Chief Futurist at Wonderful

From carrier-grade mobile messaging platforms with multi-decade lifecycles, to a first-of-its-kind mobile health record; spanning industry-first augmented reality shopping experiences for the high-end retail market in the early 2000’s, through bleeding edge non-invasive, biometric-driven telekinetic tools powering mixed reality (XR) experiences, I tell product stories through the creation of focused, unprecedented products.